Managing Low Back Pain and Savouring the Joys of Pregnancy with Physiotherapy for Pregnant Women

PT for pregnancyPregnancy is a joy that only women have the pleasure of experiencing. However, it is not all joys as there are morning sickness to contend with, a lot of dietary restrictions involved, and, when the baby inside the womb starts really growing, low back pain and pelvic pain can really start to limit your movement. Thus, it is difficult to perform the normal activities.

One of the best and proven ways to manage this pregnancy-related pain is undergoing physiotherapy for pregnant womenI should know because I, too, have had the experience of seeking this kind of healthcare treatment when I was pregnant with our first child. You can say that I didn’t believe it at first. But, being a first-time would-be mom, you know that I had to listen to what my obstetrician recommended.

Aside from the routine prenatal check-ups, the diet and exercise regimen, and the stress management techniques that I had to observe, I also had to seek physical therapy services from Wyndham Physio and Rehab in the latter stages of my pregnancy. This was right about the time when my tummy was already bulging and had to compensate by arching my lower back forward to support the growing foetus inside my womb. My lordotic posture led to the ligaments around my pelvis as well as those in my lower spine to buckle under the weight of my baby. That’s when my obstetrician recommended physical therapy.

Physiotherapy helps pregnant women relieve lower back pain and pelvic pain brought about by the lowering of their centre of gravity. This puts pressure on the lower half of the torso particularly the pelvic region leading to muscle tension and sometimes, even pinched nerve endings. My physiotherapist also told me that the increase in pregnancy hormones can bring about inflammatory responses that can aggravate the pain being experience. Together with weight gain, a declining posture, and the stress of having to juggle attention among work, home, social life, and pregnancy can all add up to lower back pain.

All of these are actually interrelated. When we are pregnant, the growing foetus in our womb lowers our centre of gravity. This affects our posture which stresses the muscles around the lower half of our torso and our pelvis. Because of the increased workload of these muscles, they undergo muscle fatigue. This makes us feel not wanting to move because the more we move, the more tired we feel. And this increases our stress which, again, can fuel our pain experiences.

Physiotherapy helps by addressing the issues that are causing low back pain. While certainly there is no way to improve the centre of gravity, we can nevertheless help address the stress that is affecting our muscles. This requires carefully planned exercises that are designed to improve muscle endurance and strength especially our muscles of the back, our abdomen, and the hips. Strengthening these muscles helps us fight muscle fatigue that is causing the pain.

Physical exercises designed by a physiotherapists also focus on flexibility. This helps widen the spaces in between our joints so we can move a lot better. While we may think that our spinal column is one continuous bone, it is actually made up of a lot of bones joined together. That’s why we are able to bend and stretch. Using the same principle, physiotherapists can help us improve the range of motion of these joints so that when we move, it will not be as painful as before.

Now, you may be thinking that why not just pop a pill or two of our favourite prescription painkiller, right? I don’t know about you but I believe my baby doesn’t need that yet. Whatever I take will ultimately be shared with my still-unborn child. So, as much as possible I really don’t want to use any medications that may affect my baby’s health.

My experiences with my physiotherapist were all life-changing, to say the least. It has opened my eyes to the reality that physical therapy is not only indicated in individuals who have suffered a stroke, people with sports injuries, and patients who just underwent surgery. I have come to appreciate that physical therapy is the most qualified profession when you need careful manipulation of the muscles, joints, and bones is needed to help improve mobility, decrease the symptoms of pain, and enhance quality of life.

If you are pregnant and have problems with low back pain, why don’t you try seeking a licensed physiotherapist near you? They are the best professionals for the job. When a specialist provides the treatment to patients who are pregnant, safety is always at hand plus, positive result every after therapy. There is no reason be worries at all.

Beyond Skin Deep – the Benefits of Facial Treatment

facial treatmentAnd I thought that facial treatments are only for ladies. Today, I see more and more men flocking to salons to have their own dose of facials. And I cannot really blame them. With the many benefits of facialit would really be unwise not to take care of your face every now and then. Whether you care to admit it or not, your face is what other people will naturally look at the first time they meet you. They won’t be looking at your arms, your legs, or even your chest. What people will see are your eyes, your lips, and the other features that help define who you are, albeit at first impression.

I know many of you will say not to judge a book by its cover. But, let’s be honest. If you see someone, what part of him or her do you see first? Is it not the face? If you see a “friendly” face, will you not be enticed to get to know the individual more? Now, if you see face that is oily, full of blemishes and pockmarks, would you even want to go near that person? Honestly, we are naturally drawn to a face that is clean and with very distinct features that our brain is telling us as attractive.

So how can facial treatments help?

Cleanses the Skin

There are many types of facial treatments. There are those that remove dead skin cells so that a fresher and livelier skin appears. There are also facial treatments that aim to manage common facial skin problems like dark circles, acnes, blackheads, whiteheads, brown spots, and hyperpigmentation, just to name a few. Still, there are those that enhance the overall appearance of the skin on the face.

For the most part, however, facial treatments help cleanse the skin by removing dead skin cells and opening up clogged pores. This helps reduce the incidence of acne formation. As acne is closely associated with hormonal issues especially among us, women, having a facial can help tame the production of sebum by the sebaceous glands underneath the skin. Facial treatments also help remove dirt and debris that may have accumulated in the pores especially if you walk outside and be exposed to various pollutants in the environment. Sometimes the makeup that we use contain very harsh chemicals that can also damage our skin. Facials help remove these skin surface contaminants so we look amazingly beautiful and naturally vibrant.

Improves Circulation

Some facial treatments work like a massage which can help improve blood and lymph circulation. Improving blood flow to the skin on the face can give you a natural rosy colour which, if done correctly, will make you not want to put on makeup or blush-on anymore. Nothing is more beautiful than natural rosy cheeks. Improving blood flow brings the much-needed oxygen and nutrients for our skin cells. This helps in projecting a healthier glow. This also helps hydrate the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. More importantly, however, is that facial treatment also help facilitate the more efficient removal of toxins and other metabolic waste products in the skin. This helps provide a healthier-looking and more youthful-looking skin.

Makes You Look and Feel Young (Again)

If you are already in your 40s you know that time is not on your side. The effects of aging can usually be felt around mid-30s when you will now start seeing sagging skin, age spots, and even wrinkles and fine lines especially on the face. While I do not necessarily recommend having Botox treatments or any other type of neuromodulator treatments, some individuals find comfort in these treatments especially in the management of sagging facial skin and wrinkles. For others, dermal fillers seem to work. The point is that facial rejuvenation treatments can make you look young again. Facial toning, photorejuvenation, and laser resurfacing can all help improve the overall appearance of your skin. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion can also help stimulate the skin to continue producing newer and healthier skin cells. This gives you a skin that is looking fresh and very youthful.

Makes You Feel Good about Yourself

The emotional benefits of facial treatments are simply incomparable. If people will be talking with you and they simply cannot take their eyes off you, I am sure deep inside you will be flattered as well. It is like nurturing your ego, making you feel good about yourself. This also helps in increasing your level of self-confidence. Overall, you become more active, engage in social interactions and activities more often, and more productive in your work. This helps endear you more to the people around you that they will always want to be close to you. Now, is this not an excellent way to be in this world?

Of course there are other benefits of undergoing facial treatment. Depending on what you want to achieve, facial treatments are here to help us feel and look good about ourselves as well as a host of other benefits.

There’s a lot to learn about good health and wellness. You can find more articles such as this type when you click here. These topics will surely pave the way to living a healthy lifestyle.

Choosing the Right Hair Style for You

hair styleToday’s generation is an era where everything is considered acceptable when it comes to fashion and hair styling. From pixie cut to super-long and straight hair; shoulder-length to long wavy curls; virgin black to bright-coloured hair-dos, all these hair styles are just so ‘in’ with the current trends.

Hair style ideas come in tons and the best thing is that they can be easily found over the World Wide Web. Social media alone is a good source for unique hair ideas. Actually, you can check out Top salon Instagram account for new hair styles you might want to try. Also, you can also browse over various websites and check the latest hair fashion from your favourite Hollywood celebrities. Just make sure that you choose a hair style that fits your personality and everyday lifestyle.

If finding the right hair inspiration becomes a difficult task, consider these suggestions below:

Bob Cut

If you are the busy type of woman who hardly have the time to face the mirror, then a bob cut is a great idea. This wash-and-wear type of hair cut fits any season of the year and does not require a plenty of time for fixing. No hair drying is needed as you can just leave the home as it dries itself in place on its own. When the hair gets dry, the tips of the hair just curve in naturally. You can choose the length of your bob cut, whether it be a few inches above the shoulder or as short as half an inch below the ear. To style it further, you can have some highlights or a dye it with a light brown shade.

Short Pixie Cut

Without fear losing that long straight hair, the pixie cut is a brilliant idea. Gone are the days when short hair is associated with the male gender because today’s pixie cut brings out the beauty in women. Basically, you have to get a haircut with about two to three inches length from the scalp. It actually depends on how short you want it to be. The edges are cut unevenly to display a unique and lovely style. Highlights or hair colour is an option, thus this can create more attraction. Just like the bob cut, pixie cut is also a wash-and-wear type of style which is a good suggestion for a busy career woman. Interestingly, this is the kind of hair style which dries the fastest.  

Curly or Wavy

Whether shoulder-length or extra-long, adding attraction to your hair can be achieved through large curls. There are two options for you to have curly or wavy hair. You can either have a professional hairdresser perm your hair permanently using a perming machine or chemical or you can opt for temporary curls using ordinary curlers, curling iron or flexible wands. Curly edges bring body to your making your over-all appearance bubbly and sassy. If you think permanent curls will damage your hair, you can just opt for the temporary method. Curly or wavy hair style requires a little bit of your time every day for styling, thus, make sure you can spare some time for this before you leave home. In order to avoid damage, get some hair treatment such as a hot oil or hair spa. Curly or wavy hair applies best during special occasions such as weddings and other formal parties. According to hair experts, balayage or ombre treatment enhances the curls further.

Long and Straight

There is always the timeless hair style which is the long shiny straight hair. This type is actually the simplest and most common among all hair styles. In fact, most women have been used to this style for the longest period of time. When it comes to maintenance, periodic trimming is necessary in order to take off those dead tips. Hair spa or hot oil is an option if you wish to keep the shine and gloss intact.

Shaggy, Uneven, Layered

If you want to try a different, out-of-the-box type of hair style, go for the layered or uneven cut. In here, your hair is divided into sections as the hairdresser would cut it in uneven length taking out one or two inches from the tips. The over-all look turns out to be quite messy but still lovely and exquisite. Highlights can enhance the uneven layers of the hair. This modern times, messy hair is in, thus, you may consider this style if you like something new and unique. When it comes to maintenance, you may get a trim after six to weeks depending on your desired length.

Whether hair is long or short, blonde or dark, there will always be a nice hair style that fits you. Just keep on browsing the net and then get a professional hair dresser to do the job. Also, never leave your hair to go dry and limp. There are inexpensive hair treatments out there, both DIY and professionally done, which you can bring out the best in your hair.