Middle Park: Home of the Best Physiotherapists

It has been a while since the day I last experienced hip pain. And I have nothing else to thank but the Physio Middle Park, VIC. It’s quite a disturbance when you are attempting to meet deadlines or do certain activities and all of a sudden, your hip pain hinders you from doing so. I have been experiencing excruciating hip pain for as long as I can remember. This scenario has been part of my life for the past years. However, roughly a year ago, I had a series of unbearable hip pain which lead me to undertake physiotherapy. This was suggested my doctor when I consulted about it. She immediately referred me to a notable clinic in Middle Park.                  

Although the clinic entertains walk-ins, I preferred setting an appointment. I was able to set one as soon as I phoned their clinic. My appointment day arrived. When I went to the clinic, the front desk employee readily asked me “Do you have an appointment?” I immediately answered on a positive note. The same person handed me over a personal information sheet which will serve as my clinical record. Like the usual, the sheet asked for the common information asked from a patient. It included my name, address, birthday, age, etc. After filling up the form with the answers I knew. The employee then forwarded me the doctor.

Upon entrance to the doctor’s room, I was then asked to state what I am feeling and the doctor started checking my pulse, breathing, eyes, throat and ears. Soon a hammer like a device was used to check my reflexes for my lower body. After doing so, the doctor briefed me of what could have caused my hip pain. Commonly, she said, hip pain is brought about by a muscle or tendon strain. And usually, to cure such, a common pain medication is prescribed by the doctor. Soon enough, I saw the doctor skim through the information sheet forwarded by the front desk employee. She told me that before she prescribes or suggests what I do, she will first take a look at the key factors which may have a bodily effect on our body, in this case, the hip. She enumerated the following as a possible cause for the pain: my age, my body build and, most importantly, my activity levels on the daily basis. The following are other usual causes of hip pain: arthritis, hip fracture, tendonitis, hernia, and other gynecological and back issues.

I was made well aware that variation in patient’s conditions, particularly in the causes which led to my hip pain, are rightfully matched with varying treatment for the pain. To be able to know the treatment suitable for my condition the doctor further questioned me. She asked me the specific part of my hip where I felt pain and when the pain started. She also asked me if there were certain activities or times when the hip pain is triggered. Lastly, she asked me how I manage the pain and the medicines I usually take when the pain is unbearable.

After a series of tests, my doctor recommended me not only to take medicines but also undergo sessions of physiotherapy. It is a good thing that their clinic is located in Middle Park so it would easily accessible for me. As my sessions begin, my personal physiotherapist gave me some exercises. These exercises were meant to improve my strength in the hip and knee area plus increase my flexibility. My doctor claims that in doing so, I can alleviate my hip pain. Through these sessions of therapy, which was tailored to my case, my condition has nonetheless improved. Physiotherapy is indeed an effective way to address bodily problems which may include but not limited to hip pain, muscle cramp, recovery from an accident etc. It was a good thing that I consulted a doctor sooner or my condition could have gotten worse.

Physiotherapy is not only applicable to patients with disabilities and pain problems, it also helpful to pregnant women. There are certain parts of the body which tend to be painful as months pass. One part in particular is the back. Managing back pain can be addressed through physiotherapy. To learn more about this, click here.

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