Proper Ways to Introduce Your Child to a Dentist

dentist bundooraTaking your child to the dentist is a necessary task because this is the best way to practice excellent oral hygiene. However, a trip to the dentist can sometimes be a scary event from the point of view of a child. You were a child once and so you know very well how it feels to lie on an unfamiliar chair in a bright room hearing unfamiliar grinding sounds while a stranger pokes metallic instruments into your mouth. The thought of this alone can be somewhat peculiar but, as a responsible parent, you can turn all these bizarre things into a pleasant surprise.

In order to let your child feel comfortable and at ease with a dentist, here are some helpful tips to try:

Bring Your Child to the Dentist at the Earliest Time Possible

The earliest time that you can bring your child to the dentist is when he or she is six months old to one year. Before the teeth start to erupt, proper oral care can already be discussed with the dentist. From this time onwards, bring your child to the dentist more often so that the clinic transforms into a dental home for their needs – whether it be periodic visit or emergency treatment.

Always Watch Your Words

Avoid using words such as ‘pain’, ‘hurt’ and ‘shot’ when introducing your child to dental treatment. Better let the dental staff introduce their treatment methods and instruments using their own gentle vocabulary. Dentists and dental attendants are experienced and well-trained with these kinds of situation. Hence, they know well to relate with a child patient. As a parent or guardian, use positive phrases like ‘clean teeth’, ‘healthy teeth’ etc. so that visiting a dentist can be perceived as good and fun rather than alarming and scary.

Avoid the Concept of Bribery

Conditioning a child with a special treat after behaving properly in a dental clinic is not a good method of reinforcement. Promising something to your child like an ice cream or lollipop is suggestive of a wrong message. This scenario increases the apprehension of going to a dentist because your child might think that there is something bad in a dental clinic. The best way instead, is to praise your child for his or her good behavior and bravery.

Teach your child about the importance of visiting a dentist Bundoora. Let them know that this is a necessity and not a choice. They must see a dentist as someone who takes care of their teeth and that they need to have strong healthy teeth to be able to eat their favorite food.

Doing all these tips will change your child’s perception about a dentist. If your child responds positively, where he or she has no fear seeing a dentist, then you have done an excellent job as a responsible parent. As a result, you don’t need to worry about bringing your kid to dentist in the future.

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